Optimising Google Business Profile in 2022

Google changed the name of its service from ‘Google My Business to ‘Google Business Profile’ this year only. However, nothing much has changed from Google’s side. Google Business profile is a powerful platform to gain clients around the local areas and nearby cities. This service enhances the reach of your website in local searches and improves your SEO. In this blog, we are going to discuss all the important factors that you need to focus on for optimising your Google Business Profile in 2022. 

Why is Google Business Profile Important for Your Business?

In simple words, Google Business Profile is a listing platform service launched & run by Google. The services offer you to list your business with intense detailing and Google Map location service. The Profile will add up your address, photos, services & products, customer reviews, and opening & closing times. It’s powerful in terms of local SEO searches. It strengthens your website’s ranking and authority in local searches and enhances your chances of visibility in the top names of the local searches. 

Claiming your Google Business Profile will also save you from the wrong information such as the wrong phone number and misleading address. 

8 Ways to Optimise Your Google Business profile:

1. Add Your NAP Information:

The very first thing to do in your Google Business Profile is to add all the NAP information correctly. It includes your business Name, phone number, and address. You also need to review it regularly. Check whether the information given is updated or not. Does the information given match your business correctly? Is the address you have given correctly?

If the answer is No anywhere then you need to update it. Give the most authentic update possible. Google will trust only when your business has the same address, same number, and working hours all the time. 

2. Add Business Description & Category:

Google Business Profile offers you a business description section at bottom of the info section. Use a brief description to highlight the services or products of your business. You must write about the organisation, its mission & vision, values, and cities altogether in one or two paragraphs. Adding cities will optimise your business in the local area. Google intakes this input and pushes your website to local areas. 

You also need to put a category on your business. If you are running a coffee house, add the category resembling a coffee shop or café. 

3. Add Photos of Your Business:

Photos are a very important factor for transparency & trustworthiness. A business is highly liked to get responses when having images. Google Business Profile offers you to set up two images- ‘Logo’ & ‘Cover Image’. 

You can use Canva to create a good logo. Also, you can create the cover photo similarly. The size of logo & cover images are 250x250 and 1024x1024 respectively. 

Lastly, use your business-relevant photos to be more relatable. A photo with the office team, physical office, and some customers are ideal to bring more engagement.   

4. Get More Reviews:

True reviews are one of the best sources of enhancing your authenticity. When your customer praises you for positives and criticises you for negatives, both increase the engagement of the company. Hence try to ask for a review from each of your customers. 

Also do not forget to reply to all of them politely and with thanks. Accept your flaws and solve queries in the comment section. 

5. Add Product & Services:

The next thing you can do is add your product & services to the Google Business Profile. You will get the option in tabs to choose one. Depending on the choice, you will further see options to add a category, sub-categories, and final service or products. 

Use terms that most people use to search for similar services or products. 


6. Use the Posting Feature:

Google Business Profile offers you to post in the status tab as its features. To use it, you need to go to the ‘POST’ tab. Click the blue button on the bottom right area. Select a category for your post. Now write a short post with relevant images. Click on the publish button. 

Now your post will always be visible to everyone. 

7. Use Special Attributes Features:

Mentioning something unique in your physical business office is a great choice. This way, you give more information about your business to the customers. Attributes are already listed in GBP. You need to scroll down and find anything relevant to your company. If found, add it as your special attributes. 

8. Update Hours for Covid-19:

Covid-19 has changed everything in the world. From our eating habits to travelling & purchasing choices, Covid-19 has affected all of these. Now your business hours have to follow some certain rules and opening time as per the rules. 

Update all these in the Covid-19 update section in GBP. 


Google Business Profile is a very profitable tool when it comes to optimising your local market. It helps you to strengthen your business in the local areas and to rank in top searches. Above we have discussed 8 ways for optimising your Google Business Profile.