Web development refers to all non-design aspects which come with building a website, going from simple static pages to the most complex dynamic pages.

Web Applications

Your company uses specific software, wish to centralize all the information in real-time to a specific location or to your headquarter. Web applications are for you. Similarly to a website, web applications are hosting on a server and can be used on line from everywhere. Our team can build for you convenient, fast and stable applications, which match your needs.

Dynamic websites

To optimize the interactions between the Internet users your website and to offer them a live experience during their browsing, dynamic websites are the key. Adapting in real time in response to their navigation, dynamic websites are the fastest way to bring to the Internet users the information they look for and to fit their expectations.

BSSI offer you its expertise in the creation of dynamic websites, combining server- and client- site to offer to your visitors a unique experience.

Content Management

Plain pages or dynamic pages can significantly gain in strength while combining different forms of information, i.e. text, images, multimedia files. This variety of digital content your website is ending with needs a specific and constant management. The accessibility to your contents is improved and the collaborative work within your business is facilitated. Therefore, the better your data are organized, the greater value your business gets.

Website Maintenance

Once your website is operating the way you want and your business is getting its return of inves