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  • Google Local SEO

    What Does BSSI Technologies Do?


    Google Local SEO is a great concept which is responsible for the promotion of your business by the means of visitors who are in search of information through the local listing services of Google. Its very obvious that there is no shortage of services being listed over the internet but searchers usually look for alternatives that are localized. Therefore local SEO play an active role in rendering your service or product with a higher level of visibility.


    Most of the times people follow this trend of finding amenities that are really close to their living space. Well this is the concept on which the sector of internet marketing is booming and surfacing propitious growth. Best SEO Service India makes use of this methodology through the services of Google Local SEO which is equipped to provide detailed information on businesses to local consumers on Google.


    At Best SEO Service India we place your Google local presence with an edge above the rest. Local listing on Google will provide your business with optimum exposure that will definitely give a boost to the profit scales. Your listing under us will include:


    • All primary details like the name of your business and also your street address etc. for a more direct conception.
    • Contact details like your phone number and also your fax number.
    • Online communication details like your Email address
    • The detailed description of your business for a transparent approach.
    • Details about the payment methods those are viable in your business
    • Information about your functioning hours
    • Offers and other business coupons
    • Videos from You tube to be uploaded if the client provides them
    • Business snaps can be uploaded if the client issues them


    Also we undertake monthly citations.