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  • What is Google Remarketing & How does it works

    What is Google Remarketing & How does it works

    Remarketing – Remarketing is a powerful tool in terms of google ads to attract those customers who visited your website previously and did not make any purchase for any reasons. In this case, we have a option on google adwords call remarketing to show our ads to those customer on everywhere like social media platforms, google search results, website they often visit and on youtube channels/videos e.t.c

    This way we can increase the rate of conversation because those people are already familiar with our products/services and with our brands, remarketing also helps us to build our brand.

    How can we use remarketing in google ads

    Go tools->Audience Manager->Audience Source. 

    Now, you have to link your google adwords account to your google analytics account.

    You will see other options like Apps analytics, Firebases, Youtube, google play and ads datahub. Link your google ads account to any of them as per your needs.

    Now, your google ads are linked with google analytics. You can manage the audience of your google analytics in your campaign.

    Create Remarketing Audience 

    Go  Shared Library -> Audience Manager -> Audience List

    In Audience list, you will have more options to choose like website visitors, App users, YouTube users, Customer list & Combination list. Choose as per your needs.

    We are going to start with Website Visitors. When you click on the website visitors tab, a form will be open.

    1. Audience Name- Keep the audience name
    2. List Members- list members will help you to retarget those audiences who visited a single page, who visited a page and also another page e.t.c. Choose any option
    3. Visited page- you can create a rules of audience 
    4. Pre-fill options-  people visited your website in the last 30 days or leave it empty.
    5. Membership duration – You can set a day amount for those audience, who will stay  the number of days in your remarketing list
    6. Set description and your remarketing is done

    Benefit of Remarketing

    • We can retarget that audience who are interested in our services/products but for any reason, did not make any purchase. This will increase the chance of higher conversation. 
    • Google charges fewer amounts in comparison to other search and display campaigns. 
    • Remarketing increase brand awareness 

    We can target remarketing in search ads, display ads and video ads. 
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