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  • How Does Open AI Work and Its Impact on SEO?

    How Does Open AI Work and Its Impact on SEO?

    When ChatGPT came into the market, it changed the way we used to crawl the internet. Still, in its prototype, ChatGPT is something that the world has never seen before. Thousands of people are using it currently in its prototype version and Open AI is planning to launch the actual software version compatible with mobile & computers the very next year. Open AI has surely changed the internet forever. ChatGPT is seen as an alternative to Google itself. However, this may be nothing but a mere dream of some supporters. But it surely has surpassed all the previous AI tools in terms of solving and explaining the questions of mankind.

    ChatGPT is the most advanced AI tool to date. It talks, addresses the problem, and solves them in a much more effective human language with all updated data & information from the internet. However, it still has some limitations in its working system. Once the Open AI launches the complete official version of ChatGPT or GPT-4, it will be at its full potential.


    What is Open AI?


    Open AI is an American AI deployment company dedicated to developing artificial intelligence technology for helping humanity as a whole. Its motive is not to eradicate the human workforce but rather help them to unlock new heights of achievements. Its system runs on the fifth most powerful supercomputer on the earth. The famous entrepreneur and scientist Elon Musk was a founding member of Open AI. However later in 2018, he resigned as a board member but decided to be a donor to the company. 

    Open AI came into mainstream light when it launched its GPT 3.5 or ChatGPT. ChatGPT became the sensation of the year. It took AI technologies miles ahead and showed the world a little glimpse of future technological powers. 


    What is ChatGPT?  How Does It Work?


    ChatGPT, in simple words, is an AI technology that solves problems by accumulating data from the internet and serving them in a human-level conversational text. It came in the news last year and instantly created a storm on the internet. ChatGPT is based on the framework of GPT-3. Some call it GPT-3.5. 

    ChatGPT is a pre-trained language model. The large-scale model of ChatGPT technology shifts through an immense pool of internet data and draws the right answer to all the questions. The AI is famous for its ocean of knowledge and information (however it's limited to 2021 data) but what sets the ChatGPT apart from every other AI is its ability to communicate with its users. The ChatGPT has fine training in inter-language conversation, summarization, text completion, error findings, and human diction. It also finds and ignores human errors in communication so as to perform effectively. 

    The AI gives answers in human writing patterns by analysing the data from the vast ocean of the internet. Its power to generate relevant answers by understanding context, questions, and minor touch-ups of human behaviour is what sets it apart from all other AI systems.  


    How Does ChatGPT Work?


    ChatGPT uses a vast neural network in answering questions in human-like language. It aims to provide the best results in human-level communication. But it does not happen in one single step. It takes the below complex procedures. 

    1. First, a human user types their commands or questions into the software’s input text bar. This is Input Processing.  
    2. The AI then tokenizes the command or question by dividing it into individual words. Individual words are then analyzed. The step is called Tokenization. 
    3. Next Input Embedding step puts the tokenized texts into the neural transformer network. 
    4. The transformer encodes the text input and generates the best possible probability distribution for all outputs. The distribution then generates the output. 
    5. Lastly, ChatGPT generates an output answer and gives a text response to the user at the receiver end. 


    How Would Open AI Impact SEO?


    Yes, I must say that the threat is real. ChatGPT in its prototype version has already established its excellence in writing content good enough for a human being. However, there is some basic trouble of duplication, absence of personal touch, and updated data. Slowly all of it would be covered too. The biggest threat is to human content writers today. Content Writing is going to be 90% eradicated as a mainstream profession due to it. ChatGPT can easily write articles like a human and no one would notice it. Google announced that US people are using BRET (an application like ChatGPT) for their searches. It potentially is directing the trends shifting toward the next chapter of Digital Marketing. As of now, the big corporation will develop their own AI software like BRET & ChatGPT to challenge Google. We may see a downfall of Google in years to come and therefore we must be ready to see a complete change in SEO practices. 

    As ChatGPT is now able to create high-quality content in a few minutes, it certainly is going to finish off the jobs of content writers. Now you can give some direct-to-the-point inputs to ChatGPT and get fresh content. You need a few minutes of editing and you are all done. Your content is ready to be published on Google. However, this will not eradicate the complete industry of copywriting but copy-paste writers. The Digital Marketing industry will still need expert writers who can manage, understand the search intent, and edit for perfection. 




    Believe it or not. ChatGPT is going to change the future. Sooner or later we all have to adapt it for the better. SEO optimization will see a huge shift in its working method. ChatGPT is capable of creating memes, and product descriptions, searching keywords, and blog topics, and even writing a fully optimised article. It will also affect the number of Google searches. 

    ChatGPT is today limited to the text system only. However, AI is ready to create images & video content that will change the way we use the internet completely. As an SEO service provider, you must be ready to adapt to the change the industry is heading towards. Understand the system to your best and optimise your organisation according to this critical shift. 


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